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 Dr. Rubin,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care my precious god Oscar received during his recent dental procedure. You have been encouraging me for some time to have a dental procedure done for Oscar as his teeth were in very bad condition- leaving his breath terrible.

I was reluctant to have my dog undergo the procedure because of his age. He is 16 years old. I was worried he was too old to tolerate the procedure and it would be too hard on him. His breath became so bad it became hard to enjoy sitting close to my best buddy so I finally agreed to the surgery.

 I have been so surprised by the improvement I have seen in the quality of Oscars life. After the procedure he made a quick recovery. He has more energy and a better appetite. He is like a puppy again! Best of all I can enjoy sitting and playing with him without the terrible smell.

 Thanks so much for encouraging me to have the dental procedure and taking such good care of Oscar!!!


Marcie T.



Bridgeville Animal Hospital – Excellent Care

For the past seven years, my wife and I have been blessed with the care and compassion of Dr. Rubin and her staff. Mocha, our chocolate Labrador retriever, has been stricken with numerous health issues that Dr. Rubin promptly identified. Her proactive approach to resolving Mocha’s issues, from a luxating patella, torn ACL, to most recently the need of a pacemaker in April 2012, has given us extending companionship, joy, and unconditional love from Mocha. Without Dr. Rubin’s and Dr. Meneo’s understanding and willingness to recommend additional care, we probably wouldn’t be sharing our time today with Mocha.

We are forever grateful for the care and love that Dr. Rubin and staff has given Mocha.




It has been said that dogs have good judgement of people. This has been proven by the two dogs I have taken to Bridgeville Animal Hospital. They always were happy to get there. Dr. Rubin and Associates are always very attentive to my dogs needs. They have always known what to prescribe to correct a problem. Without hesitation I fully recommend taking any and all pets to Bridgeville Animal Hospital.

I have a dog that smiles when she likes someone and I can assure you she smiles at everyone that is there. That is her way of showing her good judgement! 

Judith K.


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